Infognito (Brillix)


Infognito is a private Israeli company that has been providing services and solutions in the field of data base administration, management, optimization and security since 2007. The solutions developed by the company scramble petabytes of clients’ data. Until 2021, the company was named Brillix Ltd.

The company provides services to customers based in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, including banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, SW developers, state organizations, etc. Infognito is a technological partner of Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. All DB engineers and administrators of the company have a certified status of experts in the domain of administration of various DB platforms.

Years – mature products
20 Tb
50 Gb-20 Tb – average size of DBs to be masked
Infognito (Brillix)

Infognito (Until 2021 - Brillix) offers an end-to-end sensitive data control and protection solution, that is designed to enable the following functions in an automated mode:

  • classification and detection of sensitive data locations within production environments (Data Discovery),
  • anonymization (masking) of confidential data in non-production environments (Data Masking),
  • creation of a truncated (reduced) copy of the database.