Xello Deception

Xello Deception выявляет атаку и вводит злоумышленника в заблуждение. При помощи искусственного интеллекта запатентованная технология Dexem делает приманки максимально реалистичными и неотличимыми от действующих активов корпоративной сети, загоняя злоумышленника в расставленные ловушки.

PineApp Mail Secure

PineApp Mail Secure blocks over 99.7% of spam and viruses and protects both inbound and outbound email traffic. It provides flexible policy management at the user, group, domain, and system level. The PineApp Mail Secure system is available as a Cloud Service, as SW installed on local hardware, or it can be installed on a virtual platform.


Cybowall is a non-intrusive, risk free solution capable of ensuring constant full scale monitoring of your network via all protocols and covering all end points. Cybowell protects your network in a real time mode, detecting threats and reacting immediately as they emerge. Reduce risks threatening your business through gaining a complete vision of your network.


The unique Cymulate breach and attack simulation platform provides organizations with comprehensive cyber security tools reliably securing their critical assets.

The system works by simulating a multi-vector, internal or external attack - which includes the latest vulnerabilities derived from Cymulate's research unit.